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18th May 2019

Floral crowns, campfire cooking and getting a little wet on the lake!

Bride to be at hen weekend
Guest under tree lined walkway
Bride to be with friend
Bride to be dressed up
Bride to be under festoon lighting
Hen do flowers
Flower display
Creating floral crowns
Hen do floral crowns
Hen do floral crowns
Hen do in pedalo's
Hen do partying on lake
Floral crowns and glitter
Hen do glamping
Hen do by lakeside
Bride to be with hen
Bride to be celebrating by lake
Bride to be on pedalo
Bride and Hens on pedalo
Bride with Hens by lakeside
Hen do on lake
Floral crowns and glitter hen do
Hen do at glampsite
Hen do celebrations
Floral crowns and glitter at hen do
Hen do celebrating on pedalo
Hen do on pedalo
Hen do celebrations on lake
Flowers and glitter at hen do
Feeding the Alpacas
Hen do feeding the Alpaca's
Hen feeding an Alpaca
Feeding the Alpaca
Feeding time with the Alpacas
Cockerel with hens
Hen do at Glampsite
Baking bread at Glampsite
Glampsite baking
Hen do around campfire
Hen do cooking hot dogs at glampsite
Baking around campfire
Campfire hot dogs
Glampsite meal
Hen do guest under festoon lighting
Festoon lighting walkway
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